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The Wealth Playbook

By Andrew Baxter

Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Security

This book provides a simple to follow game plan that will help you make immediate and sustainable progress to your financial goals.

What's more these proven strategies for securing your financial future can help you from virtually any age and any starting point.

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About the WealthPlaybook

I was fortunate enough to get an early release copy of ’The Wealth Playbook’ to read. Firstly, let me say, that I’m going to sit down and read it again as there is a wealth (pun intended) of knowledge within it’s pages and covers a broad range of subjects around financial literacy, wealth creation and investing. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Andrew Baxter’s weekly podcast, and having a condensed book on hand is great to quickly reacquaint myself with various subjects and strategies discussed in the ‘Money and Investing’ Podcast.

Having listened to AB’s podcast, and taken part in his online education and in person events, I can hear his voice ring through the pages of his book. Each chapter educates you on specific points and then outlines objectives so you ’never walk away from a decision without taking action towards it’. So get yourself a copy, read along, and turn your decisions into action.​

Chris Bishop

16 February 2024

In 'The Wealth Playbook,' Andrew Baxter masterfully distills the wisdom and strategies that have made him one of Australia's top investors. His insights are not just theoretical; they are battle-tested. The book goes further, unveiling secrets once exclusive to financial advisors and their inner circles.

It is practical, straightforward, and demystifies wealth growth, making it an essential tool for anyone serious about building their financial future.

Kewyn Appadoo

12 November 2023

A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide for anyone wanting to take charge of their own financial freedom, guided by a master of investment and stock market strategies. It explores the various investment options, their risks and returns; outlines a plan for each age-group and provides advice on what to do when life goes wrong!

The 5-point Action Plan at the end of each chapter is a great ready-reckoner – just highlight the most relevant points and your to-do list is done!. Linzi Napier

Linzi Napier

19 February 2024

I picked up The Wealth Play Book with the intention of reading the introduction before going back to a book I already had already on the go, however I was unable to put it down until I completed it.

Andrew Baxter has taken the subject of wealth which has traditionally been overly complicated and filled with jargon, stripping it bear to its basic format, creating easy to follow explanations and step by step guidance on wealth creation.

This book is not only a must read it is a must take action!

Wayne Allanson

04 January 2024

Andrew Baxter has taken a complex topic and made it interesting and easy to understand!

I love how the book is broken into short little sections that makes digesting the content simple and easy to reference for a resource that will be used over and over again!

This book will never make it to my bookshelf, as it will be my #1 resource for money, investing and educating myself and family on a regular basis, I’ve actually already started reading it to my 5 year old who has a keen interest in money.

Highly recommend this to everyone as a must read!
Thanks AB!

Asha Walter

19 February 2024

No matter where you are on your journey, experienced investor or not, early 20s or retired, you will take something away with you. Very thought provoking and provides the big picture for building wealth in a very easy to digest format. What a wonderful read and a must!

Madeline Morgan

15 November 2023

At its core, I found 'The Wealth Playbook' to be enlightening. For someone in financial distress or lacking the knowledge to manage their finances, this book will take you on a journey to discover where you are at in the present moment and what steps you need to take for the future, thus creating the financial freedom to live your dreams.

Andrew Baxter shows how getting your financial act together can be simple, if you take certain measures and logical steps, which he outlines in his book, with added bonus links to his website.

His unique humour makes it engaging and thus a light read, on a usually dry topic. For someone who didn't know a whole lot about finance and investing, this book is the perfect guide as it is simple to understand,  and extremely current.

I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to know if they are on the right track, or wanting to take the next leap. It has got me thinking and I'm excited to see where it leads me in the future!!

Charmaine Vella

10 February 2024

Immediate and Sustainable Progress
to your Financial Goals

Inside the book you will learn

Read and Apply These 288 Pages if you want to improve your financial position and achieve your Wealth Goals

Use the strategies outlined in this book and start building momentum now

You will quickly see an improvement in your finances, budget, savings and most importantly your goals

Using The Wealth Playbook, you will have a game plan for whichever stage of life you are currently in - and one that will help you get to the next level more quickly while avoiding many of the potential challenges most investors face.

Better yet, the Wealth Playbook comes with an online learning companion packed full of powerful tools to help you apply your new found knowledge.

The Wealth Playbook Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Security

What the Wealth Playbook will teach you

The Wealth Playbook will provide you with a simple to follow, practical game plan for building your Wealth through the 6 unique phases

Unshakeable Foundations

Understanding your goals and why they are important to you is crucial. Then developing a budget and team to help you on your journey is key.

Transition to Investing

Having a financial safety net in place, as well as understanding risk are two of the crucial skills that bring peace of mind to the world of investing.

Investment Universe

Introducing the due diligence process and the core benefits and weaknesses of the major asset classes will help you in choosing the best pathway for you.

Money Management

Managing money is simply a process. Having flexibility, the correct structuring and making regular adjustments will keep you on track.

Your Playbook

Matching your Wealth Plan to meet and match the Six specific phases of your life is a crucial stage in "life proofing" your wealth journey.

Start here

The first section of this book is all about building your Wealth Foundations.

Money Stories

Understanding your current views about money - "Money Stories" which can have a massive impact on your journey into or avoiding building wealth

Game Plan

Having a game plan does require having goals. Traditional goal setting typically fails. Instead we take a much more robust approach that will keep you on track each day, week, month and year.


Investing requires cash and our budgeting model will help you develop the surplus cash needed to get started.

Side Hustle

Building a side hustle is a great way to generate additional cashflow, which when channelled correctly, can compound, grow and give you a terrific jump start in your wealth building journey.

Core Building Blocks

In this section, we cover the core building blocks that can often be overlooked in your Wealth Game plan.

Safety Net

In a World where more households are struggling financially, in some cases, living week to week, building a safety net to ease that pressure is crucially important. Leveraging off the budgeting stage, your safety net will provide greater peace of mind, opportunity and momentum.


Debt can be a double-edged sword. Exploring what is good, what is bad and how to restructure yourself in a way that has a positive impact on your bottom line is crucial.

Risk Management

So many investors only learn about risk after the fact. This chapter will ensure that you understand risk through the lens of a professional investor, enabling you to make your decisions with your eyes open!

The Investment Universe

This section explores, in detail, the seven major asset groups for you to build your wealth with including.

Exchange Traded Funds

Casting a very different light on the managed funds sector, will likely prompt you to revise your existing pathway, particularly when you learn more of how Exchange Traded Funds can deliver performance.

Direct Shares

Direct shares offer some unique benefits to investors, particularly when it comes to tax. In addition, a no-nonsense decision checklist will help you avoid FOMO, and instead choose shares that meet your objectives.

Investment Property

The decision making process for buying your home as compared to an investment property are explained, along with a powerful buyer checklist to help you match your goals and outcome. They are both property investments, but the criteria for buying is very different!

Money Management

This section is packed full of practical strategies, techniques and tips for keeping on top of your money.

Wealth Plans

Tax Planning and Asset Protection

Having the right structure for you is crucial from a tax planning and asset protection perspective, and this chapter outlines the core decision points for you to consider when getting set up.


Insurance is never high on the list for most people, that is, until they need it! This chapter outlines a variety of different insurances to help you manage risk and enjoy more peace of mind.

Times of Crisis

What to do during times of crisis can see many investors panic and make rash decisions. This chapter details practical action steps you may want to consider to protect and profit from these circumstances.

The Six Phases Playbook

This Section provides a practical gameplan to keep you on point, irrespective of you age or stage of the journey.

The Wealth Playbook is a great tool for those who want to get started, are already investing or wanting to optimise their investments

The Wealth Playbook is the perfect tool for everyday people who are looking to get on track, stay on track and ultimately build and optimise their wealth.

Want to Start Investing

What's Your Goal

Having clarity on where you want to get to and why.

Knowing Where to Start

Clear step by step actions to get you up and running and keeping you moving forwards

Creating the Cashflow

To Start Building your budget so you can have the spare cash to start investing and keep investing

Already Investing

Avoid Losing Momentum

Flatlining as an investor can be frustrating - you started but its not growing enough.


Spreading your wings into new areas that you may not have knowledge or experience with could help enhance returns and reduce risk through diversification.

Life Proof Your Strategy

Making sure you game plan is flexible enough to meet life's challenges.

Already Investing

Potential for Reducing Fees

A saving is as good as a profit. Each dollar you save is yours to keep and grow

Having Greater Control

Having more control can also mean peace of mind - who doesn't want that!

Feeling Fulfilled

Enjoy the satisfaction of mastering the money game and winning

About the Author

Andrew Baxter is a highly regarded keynote speaker across a wide range of topics within the trading and investing space.

Andrew is renown for his ability to translate complex finance into simple, everyday, easy to follow processes. His philosophy of no jargon, clear and simple explanations and total transparency have earned him a legion of fans around the World, in and out of the investment and trading industry.

He has spoken alongside some of the world's leading names, including Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Blair.

Andrew lives on his family farm in Byron Bay with his wife, Emma, and their five children.

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